We realize the responsibility and the delicate task of looking after your ward and are committed to make endeavor to it. Transition phase in student’s life begins in School years. Teachers play a significant role in the transition phase of students. This phase prepares students for their future life. We at NLCS ensure that students excel not only in academic skills, teamwork, taking responsibility following directions, attitude, good manners, good attendance etc. to the overall development of the student and for that we have highly qualified and dedicated staff members and latest techniques of education. We cannot expect the students to be excellent in all the activities, if a student is not excellent in academics, never mind because they may excel in other parts of life that are equally important so we should not discourage the child but we should always encourage them to do better.

Education is meant for the total development of mind and body, for the soul to soar high with the wings of knowledge and wisdom to unfold the capacities ‘ and to master the mind to rule the hearts to lead a life of dignity and esteem. My devotion in flourishing this institution and attaining a height of excellence is a commitment. I also feel committed in imparting, to the new generation, basic moral values and intellectual and physical developments to groom the , future citizens of India in the interest of nation and the world. I believe in providing the children a natural environment, bringing them closer to flora and fauna in every possible way