New Look Central School offers various well-defined and age-appropriate programs – Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Sr. Secondary and Enrichment Activities.
New Look Central School’s prime focus is to nurture the uniqueness of every child. New Look Central School has designed a diverse range of indoor & outdoor activities to achieve well defined learning and developmental goals that suit different learning styles of children.
New Look Central School selects its staff strictly on the basis of their educational qualifications, relevant experience and their attitude towards learning and learners. It provides compulsory and intensive training i so that they impart New Look Central School’s academic curriculum in the way it is meant to be.
In New Look Central School, the maximum number of children in a classroom is limited to 40. To ensure optimum classroom learning, an adult-child ratio of 1:10 is maintained.
New Look Central School does not believe in competitive assessment. The fact that every child is unique and has an infinite potential makes it irreverent to gauge them on a common scale. New Look Central School endeavors to help each and every child discover this unique potential.